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Selected Works & Accolades

Selected Works:

Invited Chapter

Reading the American Cemetery

Co-Author with Gillian Acheson

A typology of cemeteries with introduction, cemetery form and function (religion, ethnicity, class, social status, regional norms, and patterns), and kind (folk, ethnic, distinctive, religious, pet). Cemeteries as a cultural landscape. Basically, what does a cemetery tell you about the the people, culture and uniqueness of a place.

Master's Thesis

"“That All Seems More Like Common Sense”: An Examination of Firefighter Cognitive Maps


Understanding how firefighters navigate their protection areas is a topic few researchers have focused on. Building on a foundation of cognitive mapping, wayfinding and the standard operating procedures of the fire service, this study examines how firefighters form, access and utilize cognitive maps while performing duties of their job. Semi structured interviews and a brief questionnaire were administered to members of volunteer and career-based fire departments in the St. Louis Metro area. In addition, firefighting training materials were reviewed. Analysis and conclusions could be utilized to identify training gaps and improve response times for all emergency responders.




UCSB Multidisciplinary Research on Covid & Its Impacts Grant. $2000.00

Paper Competition


Best Paper & Presentation, Gail Hobbs Student Paper Competition – 2015 AAG Annual Conference: Chicago, IL 



Noble R. Thompson, III Student Award in Geography - – Southern Illinois University Edwardsville



Adopted this adorable puppy from Stray Rescue of St.Louis

He's the bestest boy and they're a great organization. 13/10 would recommend adopt--don't--shop and supporting Stray Rescue's mission.

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